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Insights from summer - back on the mat!

Aug 29, 2019

This summer has been transformational in so many ways, with significant learnings and insights that have manifested through my regular practice. I want to share this with you…

Trust your inner compass: Having changed scenery and explored new surroundings and combined with true inner connectedness, I have learned to trust my inner compass. It is amazingly liberating to recognise how we automatically are drawn to places where we feel good, free and where we can breathe – and we know we are where we are supposed to be. No rationale, nor explanation needed!

Tuning into your body’s language: Once really settled in practice, with no-where to go and nothing to do and deepening that introspection I have realised that true silence is not silent when we create space for our body to speak. It is that voice we simply have forgotten to listen!

Observing the constant change in stillness: I also learned that even in complete stillness, there is movement…This is our breath, the continued cellular activity, connecting neurons and energetic connectedness. Tuning into the inner intelligence and movement in stillness is so powerful, and a huge source of healing on all levels.

Create lightness, joy and laughter by practicing together: Lot of introspection is necessary and often connected to some painful places in our body & mind, I see this as honest and humbling part of the process of healing. Yet, every so often surrendering ourselves to lightness, humor and laughter is equally healing – and so is celebration of life and gratitude. I was reminded about this duality and balance by joining the annual Yogalife Festival and practicing together with my loving fellow yogis and masters. The vibe goes on!

All these learnings are paving the way for even deeper consciousness in this autumn season and I look forward to the regular practice with you...

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And that is not all…

The season will bring some other fantastic opportunities to re-connect. A wonderful Community Yoga Mala practice on 21 September 2019 in Brussels takes you through a journey of 108 Sun Salutations. Just register via the link here and see you there!

Also, if you feel like needing a deeper re-connection to yourself, tuning out of all noise around you and nourish yourself with some amazing vegetarian foods, yoga, meditation and chanting practice - why not join the Sampoorna Yoga Retreat in Belgium in 9-11 November 2019? Book early as the places do go quickly via this link!



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