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Holistic practice of yoga in Genval, Belgium

About anandamaia

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Practice & breathe & connect

Anandamaia derives from the Sanskrit word Anandamaya, which is one of the five physical or emotional layers of existence, Koshas.

The holistic practice of yoga allows us to transform from a pure physical existence to find eternal bliss and contentment in our lives through greater inner awareness. Hatha yoga practice prepares our bodies to calm the mind and explore the power of intuition from the deepest layer of existence, from within, from ‘anandamaya’.

For almost 20 years Titta has had the privilege of being guided by different incarnations of ‘Maya’ via indigenous Mayan healers in Guatemala and in Europe, the passing of her own angel daughter Maia, and the experience of yogic and anandamaya through ancient Indian philosophy and practicing of yoga.

Anandamaia.yoga was established in 2018, and offers personalized and group hatha yoga classes in Genval and surroundings. All classes are taught predominantly in English, although French, German and Finnish can be offered upon request.

About Titta

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Joy of sharing

Nice to meet you! I am a global citizen - born and raised in Finland, I have lived and worked in many countries, and now live in Belgium, Genval. I am a Certified RYT® 200hrs yoga instructor with YogaLife.org and have studied mind & body connection and yoga for the past 20 years.

Having been initiated in ancient Mayan shamanic healing methods in the late 90s in Guatemala and Austria, I discovered the power to change and find contentment in life from within. Over the years I have been balancing a successful international career in the life science sector with family life with two wonderful children, and have experienced transformational energy from my practice of yoga. Yoga has provided me with a ‘constant calm’ in this ever changing world, helped me maintain focus and clarity of mind and grow stronger, more fearless and content both “on and off the mat”.

I see yoga as a ‘work in – not a work out’ that enables us to live healthier lives and with greater contentment deeply connected to our intuition. Yoga has also brought greater connection to loving, and caring for people and myself. I have practiced for several years with Sampoorna yoga in Brussels and will always be a student of the practice, hoping to inspire others around to me to live each moment fully.

The classes I teach combine strengthening and flexibility through sequences of Hatha Yoga, incorporating breath work, Pranayma, and rejuvenating meditation practice. This enables you to unlock your inner power and step off the mat feeling refreshed, balanced and focused – and continue your journey to a healthier life.

See you on the mat!